About Sophisticat Fibre Art Studio

jj (59)

I am a quilter. I am an eclectic quilter. I am a transitional quilter. A traditional quilter, a contemporary quilter, a modern quilter, an art quilter, a multi media quilter: I am all of these. What can I say? I love quilting!
About me…..
I am blessed to be living in one of the lovliest places on earth (imho), the southern Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I am wife of one, proud mother of three, grandma of two. I live a simple life, enjoying the beauty of where I live, the mountains and ocean and forests, spending time with family, sewing and quilting on my four machines, and cheering on my husband as he runs or competes in triathlons.
I believe I was born with a needle in my left hand and piece of fabric in my right. I can remember stitching a felt needle case for my grandmother for Christmas, embroidering pillowcases, and knitting on 8-inch long red plastic needles. I don’t remember deciding to sew, I just sewed.
I love fabric. Can I say that again? I love fabric. I love the texture, the colours, the prints and patterns, the sound of it rustling, even the smell – all natural fibres can be identified by smell. Not just cottons for quilting, but wools, be they scratchy tweeds or softest cashmere, crisp linens for suits, and silks of every texture. I am a collector of fabrics for I have far more than can ever be used in one lifetime.
I have always had a fascination for design. I used to doodle geometric tessellations when bored in school. I see design and pattern and repetition everywhere. I find inspiration in nature, in architecture, in children’s artwork, in a furniture gallery or a grocery store. In fact before I could even pronounce the word, when asked what I was drawing I would respond with “Ga-signs.”
I want to share my passion with as many people as one lifetime allows, through my quilts, my patterns or my teaching. Hop on the wagon & join me for the ride!